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How to remove duplicate frames in animated GIF/WebP/MP4

The quality and the file size is the main concern when it comes to making an animated GIF/WebP. If you want to make it small with preserved quality, try Honeycam's new feature Remove Duplicate Frames.

Here we'll show you how to remove duplicate frames in MP4 with 392 frames and make it into GIF with only 244 frames.

1. Firstly, open(simply drag and drop) a GIF or a video file. You can open animated files like GIF, WebP, WebM, MP4, and so on.

In case you have many images instead of a single video file, please check here.

2. In the Edit screen below, click the Drop frames button.

3. If you select [Delete similar images], the changes in total frames and playtime will be shown.

The higher [Similarity Limit], the more frames will be deleted and the smaller the output file size will be. Higher [Similarity Limit] values, however, will make motions more unnatural. So Similarity Limit value has to be not too big or too small. From 20 to 30 is a good value normally.

[Limit similar frame time] means the time limit per frame. You can enable this option when the movements are too unnatural due to the removal of duplicate frames. The smaller value, however, makes movements more natural, the output file size will be bigger so you'd better keep this value more than 0.1 sec.

4. Just click Ok when it's done and click the Save button below!

The source video with 392 frames was saved as GIF with 244 frames. (GIF: 5MB, WebP: 1.8MB) If the source video is converted into GIF without any process, it's a 10MB GIF with a quality value of 80.

Source video(392 frames)
The result(244 frames)

Please press Ctrl + F5 key or refresh the browser if the two are out of sync.